Patient Undergoing Rehabilitation Following Cardiac Surgery
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Cardiac, Pulmonary and Heart Failure Rehabilitation Services

The Cardiopulmonary and Heart Failure Rehab staff at The Diagnostic & Treatment Center has had the unique opportunity to design our program from the ground up. We were able to build our program around our patients and their interests/ideas, along with our personal experiences. Because of this unique opportunity, we are able to provide our patients with excellent customer satisfaction. We provide a warm, friendly, personable, and comfortable environment all in a private area with large windows and inspirational artwork. We are here for the patients and their families. We provide an ear to listen, a hand for support and guidance, and a heart for caring.

The Cardiac, Pulmonary and Heart Failure Rehab team is comprised of highly skilled professionals from various backgrounds, including Registered Nurses, Certified Cardiographic Technicians, and Registered Respiratory Therapists. Our team has over 60 combined years of cardiovascular/pulmonary experience. We also have additional support staff consisting of a Chaplin, Dieticians, Pharmacists, and an Occupational Therapist.

The Diagnostic & Treatment Center Cardiac, Pulmonary and Heart Failure Rehabilitation Department provides a wide range of rehabilitative services. These include:


  • Inpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation (Phase I) - This is a program of monitored exercise (for some), and education that takes place in the hospital following a heart attack, heart surgery, or a balloon/stent procedure.
  • Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation (Phase II) - This is a physician-ordered program of monitored exercise and education that begins shortly after discharge from the hospital following a heart attack, heart surgery, or balloon/stent procedure. Patients exercise three times a week in a supervised environment for six to twelve weeks. Education classes and goal-setting focus on reducing the risk for heart disease.
  • Lifestyle Enhancement Program (Phase III) – This is a physician-ordered exercise and wellness program. It is designed for patients who wish to exercise in a supportive environment while working on lifestyle changes to reduce their risk for heart disease and other health problems. Education and risk factor counseling are available for those who desire these services.


  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation (Phase II) is a physician- ordered program of monitored exercise, monitored O2 saturations, and education. It is a safe and effective way to help you:

                ~  Control your breathing
                ~  Increase your physical strength, stamina, and tolerance of exercise
                ~  Perform your activities of daily living independently
                ~  Improve your self-reliance and reduce anxiety
                ~  Gain control over your lung disease through understanding of the disease and its management
                ~  Reduce emergency department visits and hospital stays

  • Almost everyone with lung disease can benefit from Pulmonary Rehabilitation. No one is too old or too young. Family members/significant others benefit from the educational classes as well. Most pulmonary rehab programs last between 6-12 weeks, depending on your insurance. Even after the program ends, the benefits of pulmonary rehab will be ongoing – as long as you keep exercising and using the skills you have learned.

Heart Failure

  • Outpatient Heart Failure Rehab (Phase II) is a physician-ordered program of monitored exercise and health education that may begin 6 weeks after hospital discharge due to a cardiovascular hospitalization or procedure (planned or unplanned). Exercise training in patients with Heart Failure is safe and has many benefits. Patients exercise two to three times a week in a supervised environment for six to twelve weeks. Taking part in heart failure rehab can help:

                ~  Reduce one’s mortality
                ~  Improve your functional capacity (ability to complete daily tasks)
                ~  The amount of time you are able to stay active throughout your day
                ~  Improve your overall quality of life
                ~  Help reduce the chance of having a repeat hospitalization due a cardiovascular event.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please call 715-393-2290.